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The medic of the Aurora

Appearance Edit

A megaman style robot, Nico has white and blue armor, and her helmet resembles a nurses hat. She had blue hair and eyes pieces that resembled glasses that fold up. She sports large shoulders.

Personality Edit

A caring individual Nico is knowledgable in robotics and the standard model her fellow androids adhere to.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

  • X-Ray Optics: The 'glasses' she wears, they can see through most materials. Not literally, they are advance sensors, that create an X-Ray like image for her to decipher
  • Repair Tools: Within her arms and shoulders are numerous tools to help repair her fellow bots.
    • Welders:
    • Data access ports: to link up with the systems of other machines.
    • Fine manipulator Servos: For delicate operations
    • Power Ports: For keeping another bot online
    • Computer Interface:

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