Highly powerful and highly dangerous Power Generators.

Nature Edit

Housing a Plasma Core in the center, it is surrounded by special massive rings, which generate and act on electromagnetic forces. The core is surrounded by streams of flames and plasma This requires that the rings be constructed from some of the most durable and heat resistant metals, such as Duranium or Space Titanium, and often with Destronium based circuitry to withstand the heat. They are in theory a closed energy circuit, meaning that the fuel can and usually does last a long time.

The rings double as both control mechanisms and as part of the generator system as they convert the torrents and torque generated by the controlled plasma storm into electricity.

Some are enhanced with special substances such as Spacium or Infernium to increase the intensity.

These types of reactors are usually only used for massive constructions or super weapons.

Trivia Edit

  • Based on a type of engine seen/mentioned on Doctor Who.

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