A common source of food among space age civilizations, it is the bases for many more complex dishes

Appearance Edit

Normally a paste, it color depends on the nutrients meant to be within it. The common is orange, there is also green, blue and purple. Each color is meant for one or more type of life forms, with the other possibly being poisonous to the others.

Nature Edit

Nutrient Paste is composed of 'pure organic molecules' the base nutrients and ingredients for life forms. They are often made from raw materials, such as gravel and water, mixing the H2O with the carbon sifted from the gravel to create basic organic molecules. These pastes are often stored in clear packages of bio-degradable plastics, or even edible coverings and pigments.

The substance has many uses. They are often use to synthesis dishes and materials, and are commonly used to synthesis artificial vegetables, body parts, they are used in cloning, medical facilities and devices, and bio-engineering.

Nutrient Paste is also one of the primary ingredients of some Medi-Gels.

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