Before the Ethium Matrixes arose, there was the One True Matrix, or the Matrix of Creation or Leadership. Its common name was the Spark Matrix.

Nature Edit

The Matrix itself was a thing of mystery, somehow connected to the same power as the Axion, it had the power to directly create sparks.

In truth, the Spark Matrix held a direct link to every spark, past or present and had the power to create a true prime.

Thought many would claim possession of the relic granted power, the relic was alive and only granted power to those that it deemed worthy, making them Primes.

In truth, the matrix is not the object holding it, but the energy field held in the container.

Appearance Edit

The Matrix resembles a sphere of metal bands wrapped around into a shape not unlike an eye, given the window inside that it has. In the center is a window from which a blue white light always shines out. Attached to the sides are handle.

Powers Edit

  • Prime Creation: By merging with a hot bot, the Matrix can turn them into a true prime.
  • Reliquary of Knowledge: The Matrix acts like a chronicler for the knowledge and Wisdom of the True Primes
  • A Light in the Dark: The power of the matrix can repel evil waves, energy, beings.

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