A Kishin assassin sent to kill Maxion

Appearance Edit

Ono is a green bot, like all of his kind, his metal fiber muscles and pistons are visible between the gaps of his armor plating. He has a wide line across the brow of his helmet, circular ear pieces and a purple optics. On his chest is a single grill like chest piece. He doesn't wear boots instead his clawed digits are visible on his feet.

Personality Edit

Ono is suspicious of everyone, and finds it difficult to trust others. He doesn't like taking orders and is the first to question them. When dealing with situations he prefers to simply blast them. Some would call him paranoid.

Weapons and Armaments Edit

  • Microwave Cannon: The piece across his chest, it can send other Mechanoids flying backwards, and can melt through conventional armor
  • Missiles: Stored in his shoulders are small dart like missiles.

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