Opee Gundam
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L personal game piece and mobile suit. Scratch built by him using part from various Gundam that he like. This Gundam is the most powerful Gundam ever existed.

Weapon System Edit

GN OP Buster Sword Rifle

A physical sword that can emit beam all over it edge. Can be use as a rifle that can shoot beam strong enough to destroy a Base. Or a sword that are 200km long and 50 km wide.

GN OP Shield

A shield that can block shot from all the Weapon of Strike Freedom, Freedom, 2 Akatsuki, All the Gundam from Cestial Being, Twin Satelite Cannon along with all the G-Bit and Satelite Cannon, Twin Buster Rifle, Heavy Arm Full Open Attack and all the mobile suit from Earth Federation, Zeon at the same time. After getting bombard by the total nuclear arsenal of the three Cluster World (World that created when a large number of Alternate Universe along with their arsenal combine). Without a scratch. And can regenerte iself with the rate faster than any current camera can see, even with slow down function.

GN OP Missile

Missile using Energon as a warhead. Explode with force larger than any nuclear weapon can comprehense. While only one mm wide and long. Those Missile are contain in Opee Gundam knee. Opee Gundam can carry over nine thousand missile.


Opee Gundam can launch over 1000 bit from it Shoulder. Each bit can shoot beam with power equal to ten time the power of Twin Buster Rifle and Twin Satellite Rifle combine. With the rate of fire off 100 time per second

Special Equipment Edit

Micro GN Drive x 100 Trillion x 4

Those are Micro GN Drive, made by shrinking 400 trillion copy of GN Drive to microcoptic level. But keep the same ouput.

Quad Drive System:

An upgrade of Twin Drive System allow Opee Gundam to have it ouput equal to the ouput of all 400 Trillion GN Drive mount on it Shoulder ^ 4 time.

Trans-Arm System



Psycho Frame

Motion Control System

Special Move Edit


Creating a butterfly wing span from Earth to Jupiter, that destroy all form of communication and sensor while generating intense gravity field around the body to keep the enemy in bay. After that it active all the special system, to super charge it hand with energy from all 400 Trillion GN Drive with Trans arm, and the combine despair energy gather from the helpless enemy.

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