Prime Alternity
Alternate Form(s): Sports Car
Age: Unknown
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Home world: Unknown
Series: Transformers: Voltz Wars
Type: Good
Family Unknown
Affiliation Team Optimus
Created by SolZen321
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Taking the lead role in the partnership between Magnus and himself. Optimus desire to make up for whatever wrong he commited in his past life.


With a good heart and a logical mind, Optimus has presented himself as a brave warrior of justice. However he worries about what 'sin' it was that put him in his situation and perhaps much of his good deeds are caused by an uncontrollable sense of guilt. Regardless Optimus is a logical bot and tries to pick his battles wisely.


  • Blaster Pistol: Stored in his arm, this rudimentary pistol is only good for short range fights as its aim is terrible, though it is effective.
  • Ion Cannon: Appearing out of his arm, this much more effective blasters are better for long range but drain his energy levels.
  • Sword: Optimus can summon a large broad sword, able to slice through the average mob with each.






This Optimus looks like his Transformers Alternity Counterpart, like all the other characters.