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Optimus Prime is a Class-S Criminal under Time Space Administrative Bureau watch. Eversince he "Transcended" into Mega Prime his rank has exceed into S++++.

Appearances Edit

In his Optimus Prime form, he have the appearances of Beast Hunter Optimus Prime. After he got half the Matrix and transcended into Mega Prime, he get the Appreances of Power Surge Optimus Prime from RID 2015

Personality Edit

Optimus is a psychopath in the purest mean of the word. He cannot feel any remorse unless i concern the people he really care for. And he care for alot of people, like just about everyone he met on Cyber Area. Along with a human girl name Rikka who nurse him back to health after he being blasted into Medieval Area

Eversince the trip to Cyber Area, he really change. His perspective on his own race start to warp. As he has aware the greater existence of those he called "Real Transformers". Optimus Prime begin to view his own race as inferior being called Primeformers. This warped Optimus into a narcissist being who view him along with his soulmate Superrior Megatron as being Supperior than the rest of their race.

He share the same lifetime goal as Optimus Convoy and Supperior Megatron, evolve into a Convoy and find the woman of their life. Just like the dream of a certain great heroes name Shiny Convoy.

Superior Megatron and Prime are good friend, they often take hit meant for another and doesn't argued. Their born has been strong enough that they be able to merge their soul into one. Become Reverse Convoy, a bot with two personalities.

History Edit

Chapter 1: He and the his pal arrive on Earth and destroy Nanoha school

Chapter 2: A battle occur in Newyork, destroy the City

Chapter 3: First battle with Nanoha and Fate where his gang stomping them without difficult

Chapter 4: They get defeat by Master Megatron, Battle Convoy [G2 Op] and Battle Megatron [G2 Meg] have to save their butts. And they give them the power of Matrix in order for them to evolve.

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