A Scientist. He transforms into an alien van.

Appearance Edit

Pharmacon is a red and purple bot, with wheels on his shoulders and two pairs on his legs. His chest sports the windows of his vehicles, form, black tinted glass with lines. He has a Leader body.

Personality Edit

Pharmacon, is a mad scientist, he has no scruples about experimenting on anyone especially female bots, in his experiments to further Transformer Biology. He takes great pride in his work but views his creations as expendable.

Pharmacon's desire is to create the Ultimate bot.

Pharmacon also holds little interest or faith in any theories of beliefs of the Spark, seeing it as just an advance A.I. core.

Armaments and Abilities Edit

  • Gear Shredder: Used to slice apart bodies, living and dead. Used as both a long and close range weapon.
  • Sonic Scalpel: Stored in his forearms, used for surgery.
  • Mecha Biology Expert: Pharmacon is an expert in Transformer biology, which also makes him an expert in robotics.

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