The branch of science that deals with alternate Phase Frequencies and Energy. It makes possible such things as Hyper Drives, and Warp Gates

Basics Edit

The basic understanding is that space-time operates by frequencies. Each frequency within a Space-Time has its own kinetic model, meaning anything from simply being out of phase with everything else, to another realm with its own physics.

Terms Edit

  • Phase Frequency: The various dimensions and sub-dimensions within a Universe.
    • N-Space: One's native Phase Frequency/dimension in Z-Space.
    • Z-Space: The various other dimensions in a Space-Time Zone, including N-Space.
  • Phase Energy: Any energy that generates a bridge or interacts between multiple phase frequencies.
    • Phase Wave Shift: A pulse of phase energy which destabilizes matter destroying it. Is generally avoided and does not occur naturally.
  • Kinetic Model: The structure of atoms. As it changes according to the Phase Frequency, so do the physics of said dimension.
  • Space-Time Zone: A region of space-time existing as a totality unto itself, basically a universe.
    • Tessaract: An artificial Space-Time Zone.
  • Tetryon Particles: The sub-atomic particles of a foreign dimension in another. They are random in direction and acceleration and can cause havoc.

Examples Edit

  • Dreamspace: A matter-less dimension. It one of the most extreme examples in Phase Theory, the entire dimension is subjective to thought. It cannot be physically entered, only mentally traversed.

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