A highly advance Shield system

Nature Edit

A Photon Prism Shield generates a lattice of Photonic Particles around a vessel, creating a shield of Hard Light. Due the qualities of Photons, they generate an energy/graviton disturbance when struck. They are also very energy intensive with their energy demands. This and the fact that smaller, and/or faster ordinances can bypass the shield, the shield is mainly meant for dealing with ordinances with massive outputs, such as missiles, torpedoes, Nukes, Proton and Photon Missiles and Stellar Winds.

When in use, the shield is generally invisible due to the Phase Properties it has, with the Particles, shifting between one phase and another, like a Phaser. When struck it is visible as a shimmer.

The shield system is mainly meant for use against Blasters and charged particle weapon, since the weapons fire is generally reflected back as a pulse of energy.

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