A star empire in the Scoprio Galaxy, it competes with the Cross Planetary Empire. It's full name is the Planetary Federation of Free Species.

Policies Edit

The Federation is a Democracy which makes up a good portion of its home Galaxy. Member species/civilizations come together under a president, to form a congress, which will decide matters of law. The Federation typically interacts with new civilizations by trying to be friendly with them.

Despite the freedoms its citizens claim, it is not free of corruption. It is also filled with Humanoid Supremacy as the less humanoid (human like) races, tend to be unofficially relegated to lower class roles. It holds mechanical life forms in even less regard, refusing to acknowledge anything made of metal to be alive.

It's Official colors are white and orange.

Military Edit

The Federation military has to answer directly to the President, but is run by a Minister of Defense.

Tech Level Edit

The Federation is a Space Age civilization with Warp Drives, Gravity Drives, Blasters, Starships, cybernetics and terraforming abilities. Their ships have shields, sensors and tractor beams.

Civilian Vessels Edit

Members Species Edit

The federation is composed of several humanoid races. These range from the very human like to only standing on two legs. There are other races that are a lot less human

  • Arcadians: The founding race
  • Hesh
  • Kota: Humanoids with pointed ears. They are a highly disciplined race, with a warrior history.
  • Basik: Resembles baseline humans.
  • Morgan: Formerly

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