The Heart and Soul of a Super Robot, well some.

Nature Edit

A cyberplasmic core, ignited, it acts like a miniature sun, consuming fuel and generating electrical pulses to power the body. A normal, fully developed heart can generate 145 Kilowatts of energy per beat. They are constantly fed fuel and the fuel efficiency of said material determines how well and strong a heart will beat.

Like actual stars, they have a limited lifespan, but like stars it is several billions of years. However their lifespan depends on fuel consumption, and many have theorized that they could potentially burn forever.

Because they are based upon Cyberplasm, they have a genetic structure, the same as the robot body they are housed in. If the two lines of genetics are too different, there is a high chance of rejection, ruining both objects.

Plasma Hearts also produce the brain waves of a robot and produce their core consciousness. It is because of this, Plasma Heart based Mechanoids, like Spark Based Mechanoids

Special Hearts Edit

These 'gifted' hearts, produce Photonic Particles, which interact with the metal of the body to strengthen it. In extreme cases, the robot's body may even glow if they exert enough force.

First Flash Edit

The instance when a Plasma Heart is first ignited, this process is what separates a Plasma Heart from a simple miniature sun. The cyberplasm is placed within a container with fuel, usually Ethium or Engen. The better quality the fuel, the longer their initial life span. With a large electrical jolt, the potion can be converted into a miniture sun. To create a true Plasma Heart requires the use of 'Living Lightning', which comes from either a 'sacred implement' or a Foundry.

Appearance Edit

They resemble blue, miniature suns arcing with electricity. There are special Hearts which have a prismatic glow.

Trivia Edit

  • A mechanoid with a plasma heart is considered 'Spark Based'.
  • Plasma Hearts are considered by some the 'true' entity while the Mechanical body is only a mobile platform.

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