A mechanoid scientist who specializes in Energy.

Appearance Edit

Pontus is a red and blue mechanoid with cubic armor and a black helmet. On his shoulder is what appeared to be an oval shaped device with LEDs in a ring around it. On his chest is blue 'glass' which shows his inner mechanical workings. He has a metal face with blue eyes, said eyes appear as metal balls with blue rings in the middle.

Personality Edit

Pontus is highly devoted to his work, and tends to forget about everything else, including other people's and his own safety. He is seemingly eccentric and highly interested in any and all sorts of power.

In truth Pontus, is an elitist who views Mechanical beings as superior to organics, even referring to Maxion as a mongrel, due his past as an organic.

He also worships his creator as a goddess of mechanical life, considering her the pinnacle of A.I.

History Edit

Pontus is a creation of Tribunal, created to go and search for secrets among the Mechanoids of Chromium. He became a recognized scientist in the field of energy and was later sent to pry the secrets of Maxion.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Shoulder Cannon: A laser cannon, it can also double as a scanner and EMP Cannon.

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