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Postive Omniverse

The Postive Omniverse or Dai Uchuu, is the setting of Lord Fanfic Omniverse. It creator is "The Author" and he are the one who designed it space time structure. Due to "The Author" perspective on the space and time continuum and quantum physics. This Omniverse have different space-time properties compare to the other Omniverse.

Properties Of The Omniverse Edit

Unlike other Omniverse, this Omniverse is compose of "1000 Levels" and a vast number of "Layers", every "Layers" is a dimension of it own Each Layers contain a vast collection of Multiverses whom each contain 100^500 universe in iself. Any being from a higher Layers can be seen as god by being from a lower Layers, their power is so vast that they can destroy Multiverses easily. Theoractically, if a piped bomb from a highter layer exploded in a lower one, the explosion will have more than enough power to eradicated every thing from that "Layers". Eventhrough it can't even destroy a house in it's native layers. This is theoratical, at best since travel to a lower dimension is not exactly an easy thing to do.

Many being thought that the being from higher Layers must be abstracted. Actually lives in every layers are exactly the same with some different variation in law of physics and logic. But due to the nature of "Layers" the being from higher Layers are incomprehensible to being from lower Layers. Example: The Earth people from a highter layers will have the same technology level with people from a lower layer, sometime even lower. But the people from a lower layer can't comprehend their form and society due to them being from lower layer. This nature mean that any being with "infinite power" in their layer are nothing compare to any normal being in a higher layers.

Bigger than a Layers is a "Levels" whom contain many Layers. The lowest Levels is Level 1 and it contain 4 "Layers". Then the second Levels vastly exceed that by contain 4^4Layers. The third then contain 256^256 and so on. To calculate the number of Layers on each Level, an easy formula can be used.

Formula: The number of Layers from the below level ^ iself.

Example: The 4th level: 10^1.992373902851991E619, 5th: 1010101.992373902851991 × 10619

Due to such Equation, the number of "Layers" in the Level 1000 are so absurdly high, the Zen Seibertron Teikoku, whom can calculate that number but can't invent a word to describe it. They can, if they spend million of years to do it, but such an active are highly academic and doesn't neccessary anyway. Since they live in the hightest Layers of their Level, which iself are the hightest Level. The Zen Seibertron Teikoku doesn't need to prepare a way to combat a higher dimensional threat. THEY ARE FROM THE HIGHEST LEVEL.

This "Reduction" served as a system to categorized power level. Being from inner rim often monstrous in strength compare to being from outer rim. The only exception from this rule being the Xeno, whom actually stronger in outer rim. This exception is ironic, since the Xeno is actually 99% of the Omniverse while all the other being are just 1%. But since they are Xeno, pretty much anything they do is a paradox.

However, there power are pale compare to the powerful being in the Prime Multiverse held. Actually, most being in the Prime Multiverse are weak with low technology level. But the Multiverse power come from the Zen Seibertron Teikoku and the Pretty Cure, along with various villainous organization. Most if not all of the most powerful being in the Omniverse live in the Prime Multiverse. And the Multiverse iself actually have it own set of rule and is the most unique Multiverse. The Multiverse iself is also the first Multiverse, contain within iself are 10 universe, whom actually the foundation of the Omniverse. Every single universe in the Omniverse based iself on their Universe. But most of them eventually break iself from the founding block and developed their own characteristic. However, since they still originate from the founding block. Destroying the Prime Multiverse will set up a chain reaction that enough to destroy the Omniverse. Due to such importance, the Prime Multiverse are set to be indestructible.

[Author Note:Most of the Story i write are set in the Prime Multiverse.]

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