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Premise Edit

Post Earth is about a crew on a mission in a world where the Earth is a distant memory.

Characters Edit

  • Xen: The resident engineer of the Maverick.


Episodes Edit

  • Episode 1: Call to Glory.

Things of Note Edit

  • Human Alliance Union: The ruling government of mankind.
    • Post Earth Calender: instead of A.D. mankind now uses the Post Earth Calender (P.E.)
    • The USS Haven: A Glory class cruiser, it is the object of the crew's search.
    • The USS Turtle: A Tango Class light Cruiser, it is the ship used by the other crew.
    • The Maverick: An old ship being used by the main cast.
    • CIC: Central Information Center, basically the Bridge, also called the War Room.
  • Energy Crystals: Strange crystals that are a much better fuel source than uranium
  • Nasda: A strange fuel source of unknown origins, possibly the greatest and cleanest source of power mankind has encountered.
  • The Gates: Strange circular objects that serve as teleportation devices

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