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"A** Hand Syndrome" or Potus Manus is one of worst birth defect to get and mostly come from inbreeding. One in five billion Transformer born each year got Potus Manus.

Symptoms Edit

Imagine your butt is now your hand .... And congratulation, you get what is Potus Manus. Now imagine you have to pick your nose with that hand or goes out with a girl. And you get how bad it is. Let not counting how you defecate using that hand and your hand washing bill. Or how could you grab a chciken leg ... any food at all knowing that you just taking a dump using that hand. Yes and you can't go buy grocery without raising some kind of health issue.

If your kid transform into a car and his hand if his tail pipe. He got Potus Manus. If he an animal and his A** turn into his hand. Potus Manus too.


At least Transformer don't have to take a dump. The same cannot be said to human.



If your child get Potus Manus. I recommended that you goes to my clinic and get an abortion.

___Sky Max___

P/S: Star Saber if you dare inject Potus Manus or any birth defect into any woman womb in my CLINIC again. I will personally create an artificial Omniverse and throw it at that smug a** overgrown hunk of junk you use to reproduce.

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