Power Link is an umbrella term, it refers to a bot's ability to connect with another, enhancing their power.

General Nature Edit

Power Link is when the Sparks of two or more bots, have a direct connection. This allows their energy systems to synchronize sharing bio-mass. To put it simply, it's the power to combine. This power is primarily only seen bots who had been modified, often operating as teams, or Minicons, but with the appearance of Female Transformers and offspring, siblings, especially twins, have shown the power to combine.

Gestalts Edit

Bots who combine to become larger robots, in the past Gestalts were feared on the battle field, but their time has faded with the end of the great war. In the present, only siblings have been shown the power to combine, while becoming large, they are usually formed of only two bots, three at the most, the old Gestalts were made of group of at least five and more and where giants even to other bots.

Binary Bonding Edit

The form of Power Link used by Minicons, it name comes from the fact that the Minicon and larger bot, do not really fuse. Instead the minicon is incorporated into the systems of the larger bot enhancing their power. While operating on similar principles as Gestalts, the Minicon and larger bot do not merge their minds to operate. There are several types of Binary Bonding.

  • Target Masters: These bots become weapons.
  • Power Masters: These bots become a power core, unlocking new features, increasing power etc.
  • Head Masters: These bots merge with the bots head or replace it, to enhance their mental prowess.

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