Powered Teridax is a gigantic super robot created by the Initiative to combat the monsters of the Tremor as well as destroying Earth afterwards. It is the first and only super robot of the Powered series.

Powered Teridax
Alternate Form(s): None
Age: 10 years
Height: 52 meters
Weight: 60,000 tons
Home world: PT Earth
Series: Tremor (series)
Type: Super Robot
Family None
Affiliation The Initiative
Created by Sentinel 72
 Powered Teridax's first appearance was on a different wiki but his first major role was on Tremor (series).  

History Edit

Powered Teridax was first conceptualized by the Initiative as a way to combat the monsters and destroy PT Earth itself. Powered Teridax is never close to anyone but it has it's own mind to differentiate what is right and wrong. Its armor is entirely made out of Zenzium, a newly discovered metal created after the Tremor. After finishing his mission, Powered Teridax travels across many universes.

Personality Edit

Powered Teridax is rather stoic and emotionless but he knows a thing or two about being a hero (Kill monsters and save the day).

Body Features Edit

  • Jet Boosters: These boosters are located on his back and behind his legs, enabling him to move quickly and fly. 
  • Stabilizers: Powered Teridax's arms have 'fins' located on the right side of each arm. These stabilizers charges Powered Teridax's beam attacks.


The main computer of Powered Teridax that occassionally warns him about the total damage he received during the battle. Unfortunately, the TeridaxCom is usually considered as useless by many. Imagine Siri equipped on a 52 meter tower. That's the TeridaxCom, the least useful feature ever implemented on a super robot.

Weaponry Edit

  • Chain Guns: Underneath its arms are chain guns with infinite ammo.
  • Wrist Mounted Swords: Powered Teridax can deploy wrist mounted swords at any time.

Techniques Edit

  • Mega Teridaxium Ray: After charging his arms, Powered Teridax can fire a bright beam of light from his hands. Unintenionally, it is similar to Ultraman's specium ray.
  • PUSH: Somehow, Powered Teridax is able to push anything effortlessly.
  • Sword-Barrage-Combo: Powered Teridax equips his wrist mounted swords and stabs the enemy before firing his chain guns at point blank range.

Trivia Edit

  • Powered Teridax is based of this Teridax which is based of this Teridax.
  • Powered Teridax has appeared much earlier on this episode.

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