The younger 'brother' of Maxion. He is the crown prince of the Vandoricons.

Appearance Edit

Praxus is a blue and yellow robot with cubic layered armor. His helmet sports a head fin and other than that, he great resembles his brother's typical appearance, only more cubic in design.

In the past he was a fairly small bot, due to his age but in the present he rivals his brother in size.

Personality Edit

Praxus is seen as naive and simple. In truth he is young and inexperienced but he is not stupid. He has been given the best education available to him. He is however inexperienced in warfare or combat.

Unlike his prior brothers, Praxus is very loyal to his mother and will seek to defend her and her name. This has put him at odds with his brother who often badmouths her.

Praxus is annoyed by his denied attempts to prove himself.

History Edit

Praxus was grown from the cells of Maxion's old and damaged body and given life by Sagus, via her matrix, making him an effective clone of Maxion. He was raised as the crown prince, as Maxion's replacement.

Raised in a sheltered environment during the war of Freedom against the Imperials, Praxus was raised on the stories of heroism his fellow Vandoricons performed and the peace and order they brought by forming the Alliance.

As an adult during the war against the Engineers, Praxus has been trying long and hard to join the army and fight for his people, attempts denied by his mother's orders.

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