The top robotics expert of the Planetary Federation

Appearance Edit

A middle age man in a full body orange and white suit, he has wild messy brown hair and facial hair, with brown eyes and a hawk nose.

He later becomes a cyborg, with his lower half and right side replaced with mechanical parts and burns over the rest of his body.

Personality Edit

Anton, is like many of his people, a bigot, who believes in the superiority of humanoids, over near-humanoids and non humanoids. He also views mechanical life forms as just machines, at best metal animals. He wholeheartedly believes in his own superiority and intellect and does not like being proven wrong. He is opposed to the idea of the Mechanoid Zone and seeks to discover the secret of their A.I.

History Edit

The leading expert in robotics and cybernetics in the Federation, Anton was called in to assess the threat of the Mechanoid Zone and the threats therein. His goal is to uncover the secrets of Mechanoid 'A.I.' and see if they can be shut down safely.

When this fails, he created the Big Series.

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