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A set of one hunred unrelated Universe that being seperate by Primus from the rest of the Omniverse.

List of Universe Edit

Earth-Primax : The main universe and the setting of Super Robot Tokusatsu Mahou Shoujo Taisen.

Earth-Viron: In this universe humanity has wiped themselves out in a war, the remaining human become dragons and waging war with the "fake" human in "World Of Mana".

Earth-Aurex: This universe is the most advanced technology-wise. Humanity has spread themselves over the cosmos and colonize other planet with the help from Zentraedi.

Earth-Tyran:In this universe, the humanity are locked in a war with the colonies but the war revolved around five Gundam

Earth-Uniend: Humanity in this universe has creating a race called Cordinator via genetics manipluating. A racial war soon sparked between the Cordinator and human.

Earth-Mahou Shoujo: There is no war in this version of Earth but the human still facing threat from alot of Extra-Dimensional Organization. Thankfully they have the Pretty Cure to defend them.

Life in the Prime Multiverse Edit

----Tour To The Mulverse----

Author: Burning Convoy.

In the grim darkness of the 21st century, there only war, hunger, destruction and all sort of horrible thing. Unless you're a Human or a Cybertronian.

If you are a Xenos, the Multiverse is literally a living hell for you. All the natural energy sources except energon "suddenly" dissapeared through unknown mean, thus making all the race that not advanced enough to produced synthetic energy relies heavily on buying the Energon from Transfomrers who set the price ridiculously high. Thank to thats most race in the Multiverse can't provided their citizen with energy so they have to waging war with each other constantly to steal energon. Some race choose the path of elitist, only provided the most productive member of their race the priviledge of energy and pushing the remaining member down to the path of barbarism, and led to civil war. But there are races that abadoning technology and choose to embrace the nature so they doesn't have to relied on Energon, they often end up as "living fuel" to another races, so their life is still screw up. Then, in one day all the food sources in the Multiverse "suddenly" gone missing, making all the race that doesn't have enough scientific talent to produced their own artifical food ( whom taste like garbage ) resorted to canibalism. And that is just the surface

Oh, you're badass enough to survived all that. Then you will be facing constant warfare with other race that are just as advanced as you. The only way to escape is go to the end of the universe where there is no war. But to accomplished that your races techonology must achieved the way to go faster than light with usually involved Hyperspace. But too bad Hyperspace has recently being converted to "Hell R" by Draias , so there is alway a chances you get capture by him. Or you can just go to "The Warp" and get capture by the "Geister", a gang of five Primordial Evil God so badass, they make the "Chaos God" look like Justin Bieber. IF YOU SURVIVED ALL THAT CRAP, THEN "CONGRATULATION". YOU'RE OFFICALLY GET YOUR FEET ON THE "MERIDIA GALAXY" A PLACE WITH NO WAR. Because that place is home to all the human that doesn't born on Earth or moved away from it. THOSE HUMAN BECOME SO BADASS THAT ALL THE RACES IN THE UNIVERSE STAY AWAY FROM THEM. AND THEY'RE ARE NOT HAPPY WHEN THEY SEE A XENOS POPPING UP IN THEIR TURF AND WILL GLADLY UNLEASHED THEIR MEGAZORDS ON YOU. Being a Xenos in the Multiverse does SUCK.

If you are a Human and live on Earth then all the above will not happen to you EVER. There a whole race of "Yandere Badass Fighting Transforming Mechanical God" called Transformer that will gladly lay their lives down to protect your happiness and well being. There a chances that yours husband will be one of the Transformers taking human form. He will give you all the happiness that you deserved and even if you're NOT DESERVED it, he still give you those happiness and nothing can stop him from doing that since he is a giant badass transforming robot afterall. Or if you're lucky, your husband can be a Brave Robots a.k.a Primordial God with power enough to "ATLEAST" destroy a freaking universe. Even if they're busy then your planet will be protect by the Pretty Cures, a little army of cute little adorable girls whom power rivaled the Brave Robots. (Too bad they're exclusive to "Earth-Mahou Shoujo"). Long story short, you're safe, nobody will even dare to attack you since they are not stupid enough to piss off a whole freaking race of giant robot. Actually, YOU'RE AN ELDRITCH ABOMINATION TO THEM.

If you're a Cybertronian my brother. Then you're perfectly fine. The Xenos will refer you with the badass term "Eldritch Abomination" and will leave you alone. The only thing you have to do is "protect Earth". Since Earth is our "HEAVEN" protecting it is not a duty but a pleasure. The main benefit of being a Cybertronian is "YOU CAN MESS THE MULTIVERSE ( EXCEPT EARTH ) UP ALL YOU WANT AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT". We will protect the Human so they will not become a victim to your medling. And if you're tired of messing with the Multiverse then you can come to Earth and live in it. That basically mean you can live in HEAVEN every time you wanted. And did i mention that the Human girl are really hot and you will fall in love with them easily. Then after you married, your life will be blessed with happiness. You can give her the gift of eternal life so you can live with her forever, happily ever after indeed. Well, since the Human and Transformers are considered "Eldritch Abomination" by Xenos point of view anyway . So it naturally for two "Abomination" to "Married" each other and give birth to the third "Abomination". Isn't that wonderful my brother. YOU'RE BELONG TO THE TOP OF THE FOODCHAIN AFTER ALL.

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