A rank for the Transformers that once held great meaning, it has since lost its prestige, being replaced by the rank of Magnus.

Nature Edit

Once used to refer to the Supreme Commander of the Maxigons, it is now replace by Magnus, after the last Prime, Magnus Prime.

Prime also refers to a special type of bots, not the current primes who use Ethium Matrixes to enhance their power, but the Original Primes, the True Primes, they had special sparks with a more direct connection to the power behind the One True matrix and the Axion. This made them natural Spark Cho users, stronger than normal, they had sparks that were stronger than normal.

True Primes Edit

History Edit

The original rulers of the bots, the ruled them since their earliest history, until their fall and disappearance. Afterwards, the relic the left behind, the Matrix of Leadership, chose the next Primes. However in time, no worthy successor appeared and a line of False Prime stepped up to rule, leading to an era of persecution and corruption until the Great War with the Darkcons broke out. It was during this time Magnus Prime appeared with the Matrix and took over after the last false Prime fell. The Matrix was lost at Magnus End, seemingly destroyed.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Greater Strength: Primes were typically stronger and more durable than typical Bots, having their own body type to reflect this.
  • Spark Cho: The original Primes were gifted in Spark Cho, meaning they all had the potential to gain supernatural powers.

List of True Primes Edit

  • Primon: The first Prime
  • The other Originals.
  • Zen Prime:
  • Xemnus Prime:
  • Sparkcus Prime
  • Magnus Prime

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