9001-Montauk is a procedure used by Anti Youkai Taskforce to turn middle-school and highschool girl into a killing machine wearing frilly miniskirt called "Artifical Cure". It was something that are very gruesome and gross. To the point where it flat out scare the scrap out of both Shiny and Lord. The former is a genocidal maniac operate on multiversal scale. The later is an even crazier genocidal maniac / grotesque artist that think Human Centipede was a piece of art.

Aside from that, nothing else is known about this procedure. Everyone who watch the only video describing it are either kill themselves. Due to pure shock or simply lose faith in humanity. Or bleaching their brain to forget what they saw. To this day the only people who remember how gruesome and surreal the procedure are Shiny and Lord. But they only remember their feeling watching it, not the detail.

Detail Edit

Lord: You don't want to known.

Shiny: What he said ... and also. All the grimdarkness that happen in both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K is nothing compare to this. Once you saw that video, Warhammer 40K will become Dora The Explorer.

Trivia Edit

It was base on Procedure 110-Montauk from SCP Verse.

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