The mad scientist who created and developed the Big Series. After repeated failures he went mad trying to create a robot that could defeat a Titan.

Appearance Edit

An Imperal, he has spiky short black hair, is tall but thin and wears function display lens (they look like glasses). Over his grew imperial uniform he wears a white lab coat. When angry veins appear on his forehead.

Personality Edit

In charge of Weapons Development for the Empire, Kandin does not follow the Imperial Dogma that their civilization is perfect, he doesn't believe in the idea of perfection and find the Empire to be arrogant, but is smart enough not to let anyone else know this. Despite this he takes excessive pride in his work, the majority of which are super weapons, primarily the Big Series. Seeing the ancient Titans as nothing more than relics, Kandin sought to show his own superiority against the last Titan Maxion but with each successive failure his petty temper and rage flares up driving him further into madness.

History Edit

Knowing that the Imperial Senate only accepts one kind of new weapon, the explosive kind, Kandin made a name for himself designing weapons and warships for the empire, until he was put in charge of weapons development for the Empire. Eventually tasked with finding a way to defeat the last Techno Morph Titan, he created the Big Series which was also used to fight wars for the empire. The repeated failures of his creations as scratched away at his sanity, turning the defeat of the Last Titan from an order to an obsession.

Kandin has also found himself further challenged by the technology of the Drakons.

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