The principle substance for several Transmetal life forms. It is a mineral/metal that when mixed with energized Ethium or Engen produces organic compounds, resulting in robotic organic life or mineral base life forms. Promethium is generally not that strong on its own, serving only as the back bone for robotic life. Only when charged with Ethium and/or the electric impulses that come from being alive does it gain strength. It also appears in other Super Robotic Life forms.


It is unknown when it first appeared, but while often artificially created, there are natural worlds where it appears, along with Ethium, creating natural robotic worlds.


Raw Promethium

The natural rocks found around the planet and in the ground. This raw material is a composite material, including silicon, phosphor and iron. When mixed with am ion rich substance like energized Ethium or Engen, it can start to form organic compounds, the building blocks for robotic life. Due the similar chemistry between them, Ethium is accepted as a good catalyst, especially when then energized, but Engen has the odd quirk of creating spark based life forms. Raw Promethium and Engen also combine to create either Proto-Matter, or create Sparks.

Organic Promethium

Promethium changed by natural Ethium, it has formed organic compounds with other elements present which go on to form transorganic(robotic) life. It is found in and composes all natural life forms on robot worlds, from the rock life to the metallic animals. It forms the fauna and even the flora of the world. In the core of these robotic 'cells' there is a genetic structure of sorts called CNA, which determines the build of the creature to be.

Weaponized Promethium

The 'purest' form of Promethium, it appears as a metal and is what composes the exoskeletons of Mechanoid and their weapons. While normal Promethium is not much harder than iron, this version has carbon fiber structures, making it very strong by most standards, so long as there is energy. When a Mechanoid dies, their armor becomes brittle and fragile.

Promethium Plating

A Promethium alloy used on star ships and hive walls. It is very strong compared to weaponized Promethium. While Promethium is a component, it is not pure Promethium, the promethium part allows the ship to 'regenerate' like an actual Mechanoid.

Black Promethium

A combination of Promethium and Obsidian, it is hard to make and seen as the hardest substance on the planet. Because it is so hard to make, it is generally used for shields. Unlike normal Promethium, while it can conduct electricity and Ethium it cannot produce organic chemical reactions (i.e. no life).

Super Robot Academy

Promethium appears in SolZen's other series. Here it is also the primary substance of Super Robots, being used to create Proto-Matter.