The founding race of the Covenant of Fire

Appearance/Anatomy Edit

The prophets are humanoids with long necks, grey, thick rubber skin and bald. They have long arms but stubby feet from years of neglect and now typically move about on a hover chair. The have large green or grown eyes.

The males have tentacle like appendages on their face, like facial hair.

All of them typically wear robes and ornate head pieces and tend to decorate their chairs.

Culture Edit

The Prophets rule the Covenant and are the top of the social status. They preach that a giant of fire once smote an ancient evil, allowing light to prevail across the Universe.

Their goal is to find this power and ascend to godhood with their followers.

In practice, they are not very trustworthy to non Covenant members and manipulate the other species for their benefit. They are typically greedy, untrustworthy and it is uncertain if they believe their own religion.

History Edit

A once devastated race, it was by salvaging an alien vessel that they managed to escape their doomed homeworld. On that ship, they found the information that became the basis for their religion. Eventually meeting other races, they formed a religious alliance with the goal of uncovering this power, which became the covenant.

Their progressed however, was slowed by the new empire the Alliance who refused to join them as servants. The Prophets have tried to bribe, bully and threaten the Alliance, but they refuse, leading to a war, that eventually devolved into a cold war.

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