For some Robotic Races, particularly TechnoMorphs, Proto-Matter is the build blocks of life. It is also called Metalized Engen. It is also called things like Birth Metal and Cyberplasm.

Nature Edit

Proto-Matter, is a type of Transmetal, however instead of complex chemical blocks, forming mechanical cells, it is a form of Engen programmed to become such. While the end product may be the same, the starting point is different.

It is Engen, which has been imbued in a metal to a certain ratio. This causes the metal to take on the properties of Plasma, being able to shift between all states of matter. The metal used to create it is a composite material.

Its nature also means that anything made from it, gives of a Photonic Discharge, especially if the have a Spark, an energy signature as result of the bodily functions (a life signal).

Proto-Matter is programmable, able to take on different shapes, it is the stuff used to create Protoforms, hence the name. While it can be used to create robots, in the case of robotic life forms, it is used to create fully formed bodies, complete with Mechanical Cells. The substance can take on different properties, from metal, to rubber, to crystaline, but organic is highly difficult. It can change its texture, color, density, conductivity and such.

Proto-Matter is often as durable as it is programmed to be, but even so there are limits. Also, sparkless drones made from it are much more fragile than beings with sparks. It can also be countered by a Photonic particles energy of an opposite spectrum, weakening it.

Instances Edit

  • Super Robot Academy: The Transformers eventually came to use Proto-Matter to reproduce.
    • Kishin: They are also composed of Proto-Matter but lack sparks.
  • A Sound of Giants: Maxion and the enemy robots, are all built from Proto-Matter.
  • Robotic Dragon Slayer: Dragon Pearls are primarily composed of Proto-Matter.

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