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A deadly particles that infected Human genetic makeup.

Appearances and Characteristic Edit

R-Particles doesn't have any physical form at all and cannot be percieved by Human. Most people doesn't even think it existed. The most effective way to contracted "R-Particles" is to built a Real Robot or "thinking about building a real robot". The moment humanity built a Real Robot is the moment they contracted R-Particles. There is no infomation on why and how they contracted it through this method. An infected can also transfered their disease through intercourse and blood transfusion, sometime a human could simply being infected with no reason at all.The only way to cure R-Particles is through dead or intercourse with a Cybertronian. Some people are immune to this Particles like the Magical Girl.

When a person contracted R-Particles, he/she is no longer considered a Human by Gaia. And since she is the one who created Human, her point of view does count. They're no longer worth of being protection and must be destroy to prevent other people from contracting it. Long story short, R-Particles it a stealthy zombie virus that infected people and strip them of their human status . But unlike zombie virus, there is no visual differences or whatsoever between the "infected" and "un-infected". The effect of "R-Particles" is vary but it will alway result in the total removal of happiness. Often in the form of enternal warfare between various human faction, since Real Robot is often the tool use to wage those war, they become the main reason people contracted R-Particles. Aside from the warfare, R-Particles also make human wasted their resources on the weak "Real Robot" whom can't do slag against the alien instead of the powerful "Super Robot" who can fight on equal term with them. Effectively making humanity become a race who can only hurt themselves and can't do slag against alien. If so many human being infected with R-Particles, they will angered Gaia and when she angry the Multiverse is in peril. When the "Infected Chart" are reaching Climax, the Cybertronian have no choices and must eradicated the infected to ensure the survival of the "un-infected".

But in some realities human has successfully developed Super Robots on their own. Those Super Robots existence is enough to stop the infecting of R-Particles by manifesting and auras that make people standing near those aura become immune to them. Thus making them the "Pillar" and "Shield" of humanity. Real Robots developed using Cybertronian Technology can also manifested an immunizarion aura but on smaller scale

History and Prevention Method Edit

The R-Particles is actually a conceptual weapon built by the T.S.A.B to prevent humanity from uniting with the Cybertronian. In their Point Of View, the Humanity is just an Eldricth Abomination just like the Cybertronian. And since the Cybertronian love the Humanity and they are built to breed with the human woman. The possibility of two Eldricth Abomination united are indeed scary, not to mention that they will eventually spawned a third kind of Hybrid Eldritch Ambomination.

T.S.A.B responded by making a whole concept taking the form of an invisible particles that will eventualy reduced all the humanity to a state of constant warfare and despair without happiness whatsoever, just like the Negative Polarity Universe.

Humanity in negative universe are called "Terran" and is not Gaia creation but instead just spawned from microphobe. Also there are no Cybertronian in those Universe. Negative Universe existence alone is threatening enough that if they are not destroyed or isolated, they will eventually overlap with other positive realities and twisted them. Primus respond to that by Isolating all negative universe in a dark mirror whom he called "Shadow Mirror". But T.S.A.B somehow founded a way to secure a small sample of negative polarity soul. Then the T.S.A.B turn it into a particles that can reversed the polarity of humanity soul to negative and spreading them to the Multiverse. The most important thing the "R-Particles" achieved is to cut the Humanity ties with Gaia turning them into "Terran" thus making them "no longer Human". Then, the humanwho has contracted R-Particles, will become natural enemies to the Cybertronian and "un-infected" human because "Positive" and "Negative" are total opposite to each other. Since the infected and un-infected have no visual differences whatsoever "un-infected" human would think the Cybertronian as there enemy when the Cybertronian tries to eradicate the Infected. In theory this could either make the Cybertronian destroy the human or humanity can just wiped themselves out with constant warfare. Or they can just become the alien meal due to the ineffectiveness of the Real Robot. In their equation their is only two option for Cybertronian. First is killed all the Human, Second is watch them died. Any of those option is equally bad for the Cybertronian

But they does not counting Burning Convoy, the current Cybertronian Leader into this equation and that proved to be their downfall. Instead of following their calculation Burning Convoy choose the third option and sending Cybertronian in human disguise to Earth. Those Cybertronian then married to beautiful Human Woman whom they fall in love and work their way through the Politics. Some Cybertronian become scientist and using his knowledge to "uplifted" human in the right way. The Cybertronian even drop a meteor to un-inhabitate portion of Earth so the Cybertronian Scientist can using that at an excuse to denied the Cybertronian involving on the "uplifted". Thank to the "uplifted" Humanity has developed an army of robots using Cybertronian Technology to counter against the R-Particles. This result in a win-win situation for both Cybertronian and Human.

To the Cybertronian male, human female are their "ideal lover" and "all of them" wanting a chance or an excuse to marries a human. But Alpha Trion along with the "Council Of Elder" has been vigilly promote the ideal of "Cybertronian Purity" which mean "No Interspecies Romance With Human and Only Cybertronian Romance Are Acceptable", result in a near civil war between Burning Convoy and Alpha Trion. To avoid a civil war a rule that banned inster species romance without reason has been agreed. Then "R-Particles" come in and become an excuse for some male Cybertronian to relies their lifelong fantasy of married a human woman. On the Human side, the Uplift result in them be able to fight against the alien with less help from the Cybertronian help, or sometime even without help. And since the marriage between Cybertronian and Human are come from true loves, and not "political" all of the couple are "happily married".

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