A mental condition that affects robots, and some robotic life forms.

Nature Edit

Rampancy is when a robot's memory system is reaching its limits. This may result in glitches, from the stress on the robot's system, causing disconnecting and/or deleting certain files, or files overlapping. The Ultimate result is cognitive failure, or brain death. Basically a robot or A.I. program, thinks themselves to death and is considered in some groups the robotic equivalent of death by old age.

Interestingly enough, Rampancy is an issue mainly for purely robotic beings. Robotic beings with Sparks, or robotic 'lifeforms' in the purest sense of the word, may suffer from memory failure but it is not fatal for them.

Symptoms Edit

The first symptom is almost always minor memory loss, or forgetfulness. This may seem irrelevant, but robotic beings often have photographic memories.

The second most common symptom is, an occasional glitch, usually concerning the same thing. The individual may experience 'cognitive lag', or a strange speech or behavioral impediment.

Then comes mood swing, if the A.I. has such things, often in a bipolar, or schizophrenic manner.

The final symptom is full blown insanity or senility.

Afterwards come cognitive failure.

Known Victims Edit

  • Tribunal: Is the source of its initial rebellion and source of its goals. Is a late case.
  • Early Chromiums: Rampancy was the driving force for their evolution and increase in intelligence to fully sentient beings.
  • Cybertronians: They do not suffer from rampancy, instead they have Data Creep, which is non-fatal.
  • Morpheons: They also suffer from this, and is how they mark old age.

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