The opposite of Super Robot, they're so despise Omniversal-wide by the Super Robot that Gaia have to revised the Earth Auto Defense System, just to deal with them.

What counted as a Real Robot Edit

By simple definition, any mechanical combat machine that doesn't qualified as Super Robot, counted as a Real Robot. To be more specific a Real Robot is:

  • The robot is used as an industrial machine with arms/manipulators and is manufactured by military and commercial enterprises of various nations.
  • The concept of industrial production and commercial manufacturing processes appeared for the first time in the history of robot shows, introducing manufacturing language like "mass-production (MP)", "prototype" and "test-type".
  • While classic super robots typically use special attacks activated by voice commands, real robots more commonly make use of manually operated scaled-up/advanced versions of human weapons, such as lasers/particle beams, guns, shields, and swords.
  • Real robots use mostly ranged weapons that require ammunition.
  • Real robots require periodic maintenance and are often prone to malfunction and break down, like real machines.

And in this Omniverse those type of Machine are counted as Real Robot:

  • Mobile Suit
  • Aura Battler
  • Variable Fighter
  • Armored Trooper
  • Knightmare Frame
  • Metal Armor
  • Heavy Metal

And those two are exception, because they're built using Zen Seibertron Teikoku techonology

  1. Personal Trooper
  2. Zoid

Real Robot Status Edit

If you're being label as a Real Robot creator or pilot, your life is over. Thank to the action of a dumbass who murder Da-Garn lover. All Real Robot are now enemy to Gaia herself, and no ammount of god or prayer can help you is Da-Garn have the time off. Because he will murdering you, and there is nothing you can do to stop him.

Let be realistic over here okay, your machine are garbage. Atleast by galactic standard, a scout machine from any alien with technology higher than medieval level can wipe the floor with your piss poor machine. The only good use for a Real Robot is for humanity to wage war with each other. Much like a tank with leg and beef up gun. How good does tank fare up again alien. As good as an ant fighting again a whole fleet worth of F-22 Raptor. That how "good" is it.

And as far as firepower concerned, your machine can't even destroy a building. Unless you're talking about the "state of the art" which is still garbage, but a slighty better garbage than a normal mass produced type. But mostly it just cannon fodder compare to other machine anyway.

Then just considered who will likely goes after you, okay. The first one who will goes after you is the Xeno. Whom ALL have better technology and power to manufactured a fleet of machine that are both better and more numerous than you. And the only chance to stand against them are the Super Robot. If the Xeno are not concerned, then the Zen Seibertron Teikoku will likely come after you. They're a whole Civiliazion with each member generate enough energy per second to qualified as a Type 20 (round to the nearest number) on Kadaschev scale. Know how absurd that it's, well .... how about 9.5x10^206 joules per second. And that's it what the number read when they're not using Chokon Power. When they goes maximum power, there output will put them on Type 2138 ... or 5.9x10^21391 joules per second. AND THAT JUST ONE MEMBER, THERE AN WHOLE ARMY OF THEM.

Well and Da-Garn have the power rating of one billion ZST member, that's when he not combine. If he combine, Da-Garn power will increase five time. And that only when output is concerned. When he combined, goes full power and use his final move HALF THE DIMENSION he stand on will be obliterated, that equal to about an immeasurable ammount of MULTIVERSE, in perspective. And that not calculated the damaged dealt to all the lower Dimension.

Which to make is easier to comprehend, let make a simple calculation. The Omniverse have 1000 Level of existence, with each level of existence contain a certain ammount of Layers, and each Layers contain a certain ammount of dimension, and each Dimension contain an uncountable ammount of Multiverse. In the first Layers of level 50, the ammount of Dimension contain an infinite ammount of Dimension, which "exponentially" increasing iself on the above Layer. That's Infinite^Infinite for your convinient. And on Level 100, the ammount of Layers on each level become Infinite, and the above layer will be count with the formula of "The Number Of Layer On The Last Level" ^ "Itself". The current dimension Da-Garn lived in is the highest dimension, that cannot possibly get higher. AND HE DESTROY HALF OF IT WITH ONE ATTACK. If the Critias Gate is open, when he use such an attack ALL THE LEVEL, LAYERS, DIMENSION WILL BE OBLITERATE. Actually, they close the Critias Gate so such a thing cannot happen. By the way, he not using his Great form, which is the form he born with. When he use the Great form, Da-Garn have MORE THAN ENOUGH power to just blast the Omniverse away, ofcourse spared all the other ridiculously powerful being such as the ZST. His great form are not even the strongest in the Omniverse, yes, is one of the strongest. But since there are other just like him. And YES, there are other just like him

Even if he not goes full power, he can generate an explosion strong enough to erase a whole Multiverse from existence, by blow himself up ... ON LOW SETTING. Or "Level 1" to be exactly.

Do you think there is still hope for you, my dear Real Robot Pilot.

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