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An object of legend, it was said to have been the most revered object of the Titans, it was created before the first titan and may have been what created them. It purpose is truly unknown, but it said to be able to create worlds and fill them with life.

Appearance Edit

It appears to be a crystal encased in a sphere metal container with hands that together make a diamond shape.

Nature Edit

Galactic Robot War Edit

The last relic of the Ancient Mechanoids, it was also perhaps their first and may have been what created them in the first place. When the ancients left, it was left in the hands of Empyrion, who held it in the shape of a sword. This was until his death and passed it to the new Maxion Prime, where the object began to bond with him and teach him via visions, in the form of Empyrion.

A Sound of Giants Edit

The Regenesis Matrix, is Maxion himself (or his body) is the name for Maxion's power to manipulate Life Energy. It is described as the power manipulate nebula and stellar dust to form plants and suns, controlling them, while also generating Engen and Sparks. It is the opposite of the End which exists only to destroy.

Abilities Edit

  • Empowerment: When connected to a Mechanoid, it can empower them, resulting in Empyrion's wisdom and mental abilities and Maxion's upgraded body.
  • Creation: The device has the power to create matter, life energy and Engen. It is effectively a controlled White Hole, and can be used to create planets and fill them with life. It can also change life forms.
  • Reservoir of Knowledge: it is somehow connected to a strange dimension, relaying information from there.
  • Transformation: While the Light is the power inside, the 'Matrix' can reconfigure itself, taking the shape of a sword, a dagger and a sort of eyeball shaped capsule with side handles.

Trivia Edit

  • As is obvious, the Regenesis Matrix is based of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership/Creation Matrix/AllSpark Matrix from Transformers.

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