An advance form of sentient droids, built to resemble Basiks, they are essentially a slave race to the Imperial Regime.

Appearance Edit

Mainly humanoid, Reploids were built as servants, and their heads resemble Basik/Human heads but with metal cones or domes where ears should be. Their bodies generally have circular armor, over their upper chest, lower arms and legs. They tend to have metal 'backpacks' for system checkups.

Nature/Technology Edit

Reploids faces are perhaps the most complicated parts of them, with beings metal musculature and fiber with electronic paint over a humanoid metal skull. Their faces/heads are made to look organic. The rest of them is standard fare robotics, with their lower legs and arms being less human like in structure to facilitate their jobs. The shape of theirs legs is because they posses shock absorbers and their arms are made for transforming their hands into tools, such as drills or wrenches. Some have chemical shooters, it all depends on what they were built for, which is some have no extra features.

History Edit

The invention of the Mechanism Fraternity, Reploids are perhaps a 'living' example of hypocrisy. While the Fraternity despises the idea of thinking, self aware machines, they have created a sentient race of robots as a demonstration of the 'proper order'.

Since then, there have been several instance of Reploids going 'Maverick' which have been blamed on rebel cells and terrorist groups meddling with the Electronic Brains of Reploids.

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