A bounty hunter from a robotic species, this giant was a rival of Harik.

Appearance Edit

Ringa is a humanoid robot of typical mechanoid size, with green camo armor. His face is composed of one red optic, he bares a circular grey crest and face plate that combine to cover his eye and reveal a ring of smaller eyes. On his back is a hump and on his waist are two large waist shields.

Personality Edit

Ringa-Eye is no nonsense, seeking to capture his quarry in usually the most direct manner, however he is an opportunist and thinks before he acts. He is also without pity. He is also keen to make alliances so long as it get's him what he wants.

He dislikes warrior class Chromiums greatly.

History Edit

As a robotic life form, Ringa-Eye had come under fire from Harik, who he was quick to deal with in court and his blaster.

Ringa-Eye hailed from Chromium where he was a Clerk. To escape his life, he underwent illegal upgrades and fled the planet to become a bounty hunter.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

  • Plasma Missiles: Emerging out of his chest, it is a high powered weapon. These darts, bore into what they hit and then explode from with in.
  • Arms:
    • Wrist Mounted Blasters: Twin blasters in his forearm armor.
    • Danger Blades: Curved blades out of his arms
  • Legs:
    • Particle Gun Pistols: Proton Pistols
  • Back:
    • Graviton Accelerator Cannon: Emerging out of his back, is a large telescopic gun that fires a slug at a percentage that of the speed of light. When in use, stakes come out his waist armor to give him support from the massive recoil. This weapon can down a standard starship.
    • Missile Launcher: Fires dart missiles, which contain, highly pressurized explosives.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite his appearance, he is not based on Movie Lockdown.
  • In Universe, a Ringa is a large alien predator, which flies. The closest term on Earth would be Hawk-Eye.

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