A student at the academy, a short bot that transforms into a four wheel motor bike. His goal is to prove himself to others


In bot form Road Burn is a short, bot, coming up to the average bot's chest. He is a white and grey bot with wheels on his back and the side of his legs. He has a retractable visor and a human like face like most bots.


While a friendly bot, Road Burn hates when he perceives that he being judged by his height, his history has made him a temperamental bot who is likely to jump before he leaps. He is also, as some would say, 'scrappy' never staying still in battle unless its to take cover.


In bot mode Road Burn can use he leg wheels as skates to move faster. He is agile, which combined with his small size means he can climb around other bots usually with impunity.

Weapons Tech and Abilities

  • Quad Blaster: A four cylinder Path Blaster that comes out of his arms, fires four shots at once.
  • Mini-Thrusters: To give him speed when he is on his wheels.

Vehicle Mode

Road Burn transforms into a grey and white four wheel motorbike, excellent for off road movement. When in use he generally uses a Holo-Avatar to maintain the illusion that he is a normal bike.



  • Road Burn was created thanks to the ideas of User Tsuru23