This is meant to be a comedy series.

Premise Edit

The series is meant to be more comedy than action.

Plot Edit

Koji is a lonely boy who discovers that he has inherited a large mansion and three maids from an unknown guardian. He later discovers that they transform into robots to fight the monsters which appear to attack the town regularly.

Episode Edit

  • Episode 1: Pilot

Characters Edit

  • Koji Anton: The main character, he discovers he has been chosen as the girl's new master
  • AC: The sweet motherly maid, she transforms into a pink robot with the ability to materialize blasters.
  • VTOL: The series and posh VTOL is commonly seen in a Yukata, or Miko outfit with a katana. She transforms into a red and black bot with a winged jet pack and wields a beam katana
  • ATV: The self-proclaimed bodyguard, ATV wears a workout uniform most of the time and like to force Koji to train, she is also the one most likely to tease him. She transform into a blue robot with a shield and beam war axe.
  • Marie Hasif: A foreign girl who desires to prove she created the strongest robot made.
  • F-22: Marie's avian themed robot. Despite his appearance, his personality matrix is male and he gets upset when he is mistaken for a girl.
  • Nautilus: A marine type robot maid who can take one mermaid like form.

Monsters Edit

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