The homeworld of the apt named Rodanians, it is a relatively desolate world filled with wonders and dangers.


Rodia resembles Mars but it is home to silver trees and grass a sky of orange and blue. It is home to many deserts and spikes/deposits of Promethium all over the city. There are rivers and small oceans of a quicksilver like substance and Hotspots, ancient religious spots where Ehtium can be naturally found. The planet's atmosphere is filled with rust and is highly poisonous to most typical forms of organic life.

From space it resembles the red planet with grey/silver patches like the moon where large forests lay and large lakes. There are/were golden spots all over the planet in the center of these areas of foliage, hotspots.



  • Sea of Rust: A large body of 'water' filled with the rust from the bodies of counless dead and destroyed vehicles It was once a Hive but they overworked their HotSpot running it dry and leading to the Hive's ruin as it sank into a lake after a war. It is home to some of the largest fauna on the planet such as the World Wyrms.
  • Sea of Zen: The second largest body of 'water' so name because the surface is said to be extremely still.
  • Sea of Mutation: Due to the close proximity to a Hotspot, the local life has grown rather large and dangerous,
  • Sacred Lands: A desert home to various ruins, believed to be the home of the first civilization on the planet. The land is home to the violent storms of Rodia, storms of rust that can shred a man to pieces and powerful EM fields.


Main hives: While there are many hives most are connected to one main hive, like cites surrounded by villages. These mini hives are mainly homes of larger clans.

  • Hive Bacta:
  • Hive Rula:
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  • Hive Menan:
  • Hive Ruul:


Rodania is a world of metal it came to be after a powerful computer went rogue, assimilating space stations, ships and satellites into one massive planetoid. It was through passing through the remains of a great space battle that it evolved into a rogue planet. Somehow it was caught in orbit around a star, where the various components mixed and the planet evolved until robotic life appeared on it. It was later found by the 'Engineers' who set themselves up as gods and used the natives as slaves, lying to them about their history.


  • Many of the native fauna are inspired by the creatures from the game Shadow of the Collosus