Homeworld: tba
Tech Age: Early Space Age
Appearance: Humanoid Triceratops
Common Traits: Very Strong, highly aggressive
Series: TBA
Type: N/A
Affiliation Galactic Pan Species Alliance
Created by SolZen321

A warrior race, a founding member.

Appearance and anatomy Edit

The Rogan resemble anthropomorphic Triceratops, standing on two legs. Their females, are mostly identical, with shorter horns and sharper beaks. Instead of tails they have stubs on their ends.

Culture and Technology Edit

The Rogan are a proud warrior race, in a civilization ruled by many customs and rules. They have a caste system which means most are simple farmers.

Technologically speaking, they are not that advance, being seen as the muscle of the alliance. They only gained advance technology because they were raised up by the other races to fight.

History Edit

Originally a primitive race, they were constantly hunted by the Vandorans. Being the only race to survive their massacres, the Alliance raised them up and began a cloning program to use them as shock troopers against the Vandorans.

After the Rogan Rebellion, they are a dying race, due to the use of bio-weapons on their worlds. They are now a rare sight in the galaxy.

Trivia Edit

  • They are inspired by the Krogans from Mass Effect and the Triceratons from Ninja Turtles.

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