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This is the collection of cool line that Zen Seibertron Teikoku elite member use to introduce themselves. Because they thought they're real heroes of justice.

The Collection Edit

"Obsessed Brave! Gaine"

"Psychopath Brave ! Guilty Convoy"

"Narcissicist Brave ! Reverse Convoy"

"Lolicon Brave ! Deszaras"

"Lonely Brave ! Star Saber"

"Where there is pretty girl, there is us"

"We are ... Pervert Sword Club"

"Infinite star vanished into thin air, Infinite Multiverse being destroy. Brave Of The Blue Skies Sky Max"

"Infinite star stop it reaction, Infinite Multiverse stop moving. Brave Of The Water Dash Max"

"Infinite star getting pierce, Inifinite Multiverse break apart. Brave Of The Land Drill Max"

"Meet a jerk god, chop him down. Blue Raker"

"Meet a nice god, still chop him down, Green Raker"

"I'am the spawn of all c***b***** , destructive Lion Brave. Exkaiser"

"We are ... Kaisers Family ... could you please get the hell out of our company."

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