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Rotorblade is a Decepticon that transforms into an assault helicopter.


Robot ModeEdit

Rotorblade is a olive-green 'former with an appearance similar to Shockwave. Rotorblade has a large "backpack"
composed of his cockpit in helicopter form, which can house a single pilot.

Helicopter ModeEdit

Rotorblade resembles a Mil Mi-24 D (AKA Hind, Crocodile).


RotorBlade is an aggressive Decepticon that follows Megatron in his quest for power.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Minigun: Rotor has a minigun built into his chest in robot mode.
  • Propeller Blades: Rotor's well, rotors become a triple bladed weapon with an energy weapon in the hilt.


  • Believe it or not, RotorBlade is actually a rebuilt version of the LEGO set 70164 Hurricane Heist, which Zombiejiger rebuilt into a fully transforming robot, complete with Hind D mode.

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