An ailment that affects injured Mechanical lifeforms. It is not common is and usually the result of self-neglect than an actual ailment. It is rarely seen in true robots, but is an ailment that occurs for mechanical lifeforms.

Nature Edit

The result of an improperly treated wound, particularly a cut or bullet wound. If the wound is not eventually close, the metal around the wound will eventually be reduced to brittle inert metal, which may break apart and contaminate the fuel pumping systems.

The symptoms of a Rust Infection:

The first and most obvious sign is a wound with rust patches around it. The more rust, the more likely the fuel system/ innards are affected. Though more than likely this wound will be covered up.

The next symptom is tiredness. The subject will have difficulty recharging and even when recharged or refuel, will have problems with any athletic activity, or just be lethargic all the time.

The next stage, is an increase in tiredness and visible rust patches, depending on how they were create/constructed, on their armor plating or the visible internal parts. At this point there may be leaks and damage to other parts that connect directly to the fuel system.

The final stage is death. At this point the rust has clogged up/destroyed whatever engine/Heart/Spark mechanism that drives the subject.

To cure it, the subject must have their fuel system purged and cleansed and the wound treated. To prevent it, mechanoids simply need to tend to their wounds and ensure no contaminants or corrosive substances, get into their wounds.

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