The closest thing she has to a friend, the two are sparing partners.

Appearance Edit

Ruth is a teenager of Asian descent with an incomplete tan from being outside so often, short black hair and grey eyes. She is a bit shorter than most her age but she has a defined tone body. She is often in baggy clothes or attire appropriate for sports.

Personality Edit

Ruth is energetic and strong willed, resisting her well-to-do parents' desire for a little princess, she is in love with almost all physical activities. She is ready to rise to any challenge and take on anyone, resulting in her having a reputation of solving problems with her fists. While not the smartest person in class, Ruth is no brute and if given incentive can learn rather quickly.

Despite all of her self esteem and will, Ruth is secretly envious of other girls who are considered 'pretty', although she has too much pride to show it.

Although not having much time for a social life, Ruth's charisma seems to naturally draw people towards her.

History Edit


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