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Saikyou Yuusha Robot Gundan is a small gang compose sorely of hardcore badass who named are well-known in the Multiverse. It core member are the Brave Robot.

Member Edit

  • Supreme Leader: Lord, Burning Convoy, Bombshell (Cyberdroid), Megatron (Cyberdroid), Bumblebee (Cyberdroid), Ellen Kurokawa (Cure Beat), Setsuna Higashi
  • Sentient Base: Brave Maximus, Fortress Maximus, Metroplex, Metrotitan
  • Leader: Exkaiser, Fighbird, Da-Garn X, Might Gaine, J-Decker, Goldran, Fire Dagwon, Baan Gaan, Bravarion, Mach Spherion, Bakurion, Star Saber, Convoy, Armada Convoy, Fire Convoy, Beast Convoy, Galaxy Convoy, Draias, Dino Geist, Black Might Gaine, Duke Fire, Ga-Ohn, Leon Kaiser, Captain Shark, Megatron, Devil Gigatron, Armada Megatron, Deszaras, God Magnus,
  • Member: Raker Brother, Max Team, Geister, Guard Team, Baron Team, Sabers, Landers, Seven Changer, Red Geist, Bombers, Divers, Goryu, Hiryu, Build Team, Shadowmaru, Gunmax, Scotland Yard Brave Police, Chieftain Brother, Silver Knight, Advenger, Death Garry Gun, Zarizogun, Revibaron, Dag Turbo, Dag Armor, Dag Wing, Dag Drill, Dag Thunder, Dag Shadow, Multiforce, Brainmaster, Dino Force, Breast Force, Galaxy Shuttle, Black Shadow, Blue Bacchus, Sixshot, Great Shot, Quickswitch J4, J5, J7, Buildmaster, Black Convoy, Baldigus, Bruticus, Stunticon, Constructicon, Terrorcon, Predacon, Terrorcon, Aerialbot, Protectobot, Technobot, Trainbots, Battle Gaia, Guard City, Star Garry, Car Robots 3 Brothers, Gelshark, Guusher, Gas Skunk, Guildo, Jet Fire, Sentinel Magnus, The Wreckers, Dinobots, Headmasters, Mayhem Attack Squad

Millitary Power Edit

This gang is formed sorely by the most hardcore badass member of the "Zen Seiberton Teikoku" and the Brave Robots. The full extent of Saikyou Yuusha Robot Gundan millitary power is yet to be proven since every single opponment they encounter just shit their pant and run away before they even raised a finger.

Modus Operandi Edit

Saikyou Yuusha Robot Gundan often fight their enemy in small group to ensure that they can atleast enjoy a fight. Since most of the time they appear in the battlefield in full number, their oppoment just run away for some reason. Their job is to protect Earth and ensure humanity happiness.

Relationship Edit

Pretty Cures Allstar: The gang have a very good relationship with the Pretty Cure. Cure Beat is the current owner of Goldran and Passion is Burning Convoy girlfriend.

Terrestial Defense Group: Saikyou Yuusha Robot Gundan have a brotherly relationship with the TDG, since one of their leader Lord is a big super robot fan.

Earth Federation Aliance: Since they defend Earth so many time, EFA trusted very much

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