A founding race of the Galactic Pan Species Alliance. They are known for being intelligent, if not mischievous and childish. They are also known for being tinkerers, being skilled mechanics and cybernetics. The home world is Kem.

Appearance/Anatomy Edit

The Salan are short humanoids with leathery skin, large black eyes with double eye lids. They are almost always thin.

Biologically they are amphibians, with unused gills and a need to keep their skin moist, they not adapted for extreme environments of cold or heat. They also have potent metabolisms from having no singular heart, which has resulted in their overactive brains, a lack of a need of sleep, made them prone to death by blood loss and shortened their spans to around fifty years. They are also very flexible and can contort in ways most other races can't.

As amphibians, they also reproduce like frogs, resulting in their large numbers. Due to their planet, they are most comfortable in hot, humid climates, though they can leave their comfort zones for short periods without ill effect.

Culture Edit

They are a female ruled race, deeply religious and hyperactive natures, allowed them to learn faster than most other races.

They have a pathological fear/hatred of Vandorans.

History Edit

One of the earliest races hunted by the Vandorans, they survived by their sheer tenacity, and large numbers. It was the Salans who organized the other nearby races into the Alliance, resulting in the destruction of the Vandoran home world and the scattering of their people. They also created the Kerri, to help with this goal.

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