Salan special forces that specialize in technology based missions.

Operations Edit

Salan Commandos were generally called in by the Alliance council, in situations that called upon technical expertise. This usually means operations that rely heavily on such things has hacking, spying and data collection.

History Edit

Originally used by the Salan government to fight Vandorans and perform black ops on their neighbors, with the rise of the Alliance, they turned to spying on their neighbors, especially the Mechanoids. Due to the history of their races, they often par up with the Kerri Anthrodroid Guard

Equipment Edit

  • Bodysuits: All black suits with protection from temperature extremes.
  • Helmets: Helmets with tinted black glass faces, they allow internal holographic images and encrypted communication.
  • Backpack: Doubles as a jet pack, or can unleash mechanical arms for combat, or work.
  • Blaster Rifles: High accuracy blasters which can also fire restraining bolts.
  • Arm mounted Terminal: Arguably their most important piece of equipment.

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