The human reincarnation of Maxion Prime

Appearance Edit

Sara is a rather skinny girl, almost androgynous with her choice of wear. She has short, natural red hair that she dies black, jade eyes and and mixed ancestry that leans upon the European side.

She generally wears black and white and abhors skirts.

Personality Edit

Something of a loner, she is often stoic and can be cold, but she is not heartless. Despite her cold exterior she has a natural desire to do the right thing, even if he feels an emotional conflict with that. Due to her sheltered upbringing, she prefers the company of machines to people.

She can be cold, rude and often times has a dry sarcastic wit.

Due to her nature, she has Maxion's memories that she had varying levels of access to, causing her genius like intellect.

History Edit

The result of a deal between Maxion and Maxine, Sara is Maxion's reincarnation and Maxine's daughter. She is also the daughter of Frank Satellite her mother's main rival. She grew up home schooled and feeling unloved and somewhat aware of her own nature.

With the first wave of Kishin, she learned how to control her powers to transform. Since the coming of the Maxigons, she has begun to assist them in stopping Kishin attacks.

SRA Edit


Other Edit


Abilities Edit

  • Intelligence: She is higly intelligent and a skilled robotics expert and able to create her own.
  • Strength: She can summon the power of her otherside, resulting in super strength, when this happens her eyes glow blue.
  • Sense: When she senses Engen, her hair flashes blue
  • Ego-Shift: Her term for transforming into Maxion.

Inventions Edit

Sarah often makes things for herself in a steampunk fashion

  • Alfred: Her robotic bulter.
  • Spectrum Glasses: Goggles with brass coating and knobs around the lenses. They can view a wide variety of things.
  • Wrist Mounted Computer: Takes the form of a bracer, it opened to reveal a flatscreen, but a typewriter style keyboard.
  • Blaster: A small slender and easily hidden bronze gun that fires bolts of plasma.

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