A manufacturing company owned by Harold Satellite, it is a company that specializes in 'Space Engineering', particularly making habitable environments.

History Edit

Originally a manufacturing firm for large vehicles and military transports, at the dawn of the 'Space Age' they turned to commercial transport into space and the creation of hospitable environments. With the rise of Fusion Industries, they have found that the two are unlikely if uneasy partners, helping each other cover the other's company's weaknesses.

Like their 'partners' the company is always looking for the edge over the competition

Main Products and Services Edit

  • Oxygen Tanks:
  • Air Scrubbers: Devices for cleaning atmospheres of dust, germs and pathogens and also altering the atmosphere to more suitable compositions.
  • Airlocks: They specialize in air tight environments
  • Gravity Generators: Experimental.
  • Home Robotics:
  • Colony Construction:
  • Mining Operations: The company once mined for it's own resources but have since dropped their operations due to the cheaper method of buying from Fusion Industries.

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