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A device use by the Zen Seibertron Teikoku to determine the life condition of a Universe or Multiverse.

Characteristic Edit

The scale main function is to determine the condition of the Universe a ZST member live in. It physical form look like an ancient scale with the right side represent "Positive", marked by a smiling face. While the left side represent "Negative" represent by a sad face. The scale determine a universe by scanning it history record and total life condition. However, the only thing the scale calculate is the life condition of Earth and Humanity. Since the "Xeno" are not belong to the ZST equation of "happiness". With that in mind, there are time the scale reading are "positive" even through the life condition of the universe are poor. But as long as the life condition of Earth and Humanity are good, the reading are still "positive". It most useful function is to "pinpoint" the reason why the Universe is being a Negative. So that a ZST member from the "Dimension Fixer" division can "fix" the negative and make it positive.

When the scale enter the "Negative Omniverse" however, it will broke due to the Negative being too strong. It litterally break the scale.

Example Of A "Positive" Universe Edit

In a postive universe, people are happy. And heroic deed are being reward with happiness and joy. Like Earth-Mahou Shoujo, where the Goverment doesn't treat the Pretty Cure and ZST as a threat but as a savior. They doesn't blame the Pretty Cure on the attack of the monster. Also doesn't tried to apprehending them. Actually, they tried there best to help the Pretty Cure with sincere feeling. When the Pretty Cure are loosing, they cheer them up and hope they will win in the bottom of their heart. There is generally no war on Earth in a positive universe and people treating each other nicely. Like a typical Mahou Shoujo anime, where there is no cynism, only happiness, dream, hope and love.

Earth-Mahou Shoujo is currently the most Positive universe in the whole Omniverse. It is also ZST capital, and they tried there best to defend it and it "Positive" status.

Example Of A "Negative" Universe Edit

In Earth-Dark Mirror, a Negative Universe, people are alway in despair. Any heroic deed are treat with paranoia and anxiety. The Goverment treat the Pretty Cure as a threat, eventhrough all they tried to do is save their un-grateful butt. They blame the Pretty Cure on stuff that the bad guy do. Do their best to aprehending the very heroes who defend them and hinder their effort. When the Prettty Cure are losing they throw nuclear weapon at their face to eliminate both the Pretty Cure and badguy. While cover-up their butt by saying the "Pretty Cure Heroically Sacrifice Themselves". And even if they survived all that, the Pretty Cure are still being forced to use fake ID and do scrappy job as a "reward" for their effort in defending Earth. Since the Pretty Cure power are come from postive feeling, their Negative Universe counterpart are a lot weaker than the positive one. Also, the Transformers race are being wipe out by the Xeno in every Negative Universe

Earth-Dark Mirror is a mirror to Earth-Mahou Shoujo. Due to some unknown reason, T.S.A.B currently blockade the Universe and it Multiverse. Prevent ZST from "fixing" the Universe.

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