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Creator: SolZen321

Premise Edit

This series is replacing Super Robot Diary and maybe even the Galactic Robot War. It takes places after that in a galaxy recovering from the effects of a devastating Galactic war between Mechanoids. Unlike other series, I will be writing on Word and posting here when they are complete. The stories under 'Others' however, I will be doing on Wiki itself.

For more information on the backstory of the Galaxy, check here.

Episodes Edit

  • Story 1: The Last Mechanoid
    • On a mining planet, a odd signal brings the company of a particular specialist
  • Story 2: The Gormin Cathedral
    • An ancient space craft is discovered, only everyone is too afraid to go near it.
  • Story 3: Ghosts and their Machines
    • The discovery of three strange mechanoids leads Maxion to a reunion with an old associate.
  • Story 4: Into Darkness
    • Maxion finds himself pulled somewhere out in space.
  • Story 5: The Burning Plague
    • Maxion is sent to recover a dangerous weapon from Wild Space.
  • Story 6: Choices and Tribulations
    • With the project nearing completion Maxion finds himself put on trial for the crimes of all Mechanoids.


Things of Note Edit

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