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A process where the user voluntariliy devolve himself because of various reason. Mostly because of boredom.

Use in History Edit

Great Shining Convoy --> God Shining and King Shining ---> Shining Convoy.

Great Exkaiser --> Dragon Kaiser and King Exkaiser --> Exkaiser.

Great Fighbird ---> Granbird and Fighbird

Great Da-Garn GX --> Da-Garn and Ga-ohn --> Da-Garn

Great Goldran --> Goldran, Leon Kaiser and Sora Kage --> Dran, Leon

Great Baangaan --> Baangaan, Mach Spherion --> Spherion and Baan

Great Lord Bravarion --- > God Lordion and King Bravarion -- > Lordion and Bravarion

Galaxion ---> Victorion and Saber Varion.

God Max --> Sky Max, Dash Max, Drill Max

Ultra Raker --> Green Raker, Blue Raker

Mad Geister --> Four Geister Stooge

Draias --> Death Beast

Ultimate Gravion --> God Gravion and Sol Gravion

Thunder Baron --> Ace Baron and Four Stooge Brother

Guardion --> Guard Team [Only have one conciousness. Due to me being lazy with characterization]

Land Bison --> Landers

Pegasus Saber --> Sabers

Silverion --> Silver Knight

Trivia Edit

This mean that the Yuusha combine to goes back to their stronger form. Not to power-up, as most of them are so OP. They have to devolve themselves to feel better.

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